Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, Affiliation no. 1630721

School Infrastructure

Colourful Swings

The school has an excellent arrangement of colourful swings where the young minds are groomed both mentally & physically.

Senior Section

Senior Section classes are taken up in the Kulwant Block. IPS aims at promoting excellence in education with high quality of teaching and training. It aims at preparing the students to be leaders, equipped with ability & skills as per the changing needs of the society. It provides an environment to develop competence in their respective fields. For the same highly qualified staff has been appointed to teach various subjects in Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce & Humanities Streams.


Smart Classes have been going on for the last many years to facilitate the teaching-learning process so as to leave no stone unturned to inculcate interest and provide information using the latest technology. It increases the retaining power of students by many a times.


A good spoken English is the need of the day. International Public School lays special emphasis on Spoken English and correct method of conversation. Teachers communicate & interact with the children in English.


To inculcate the spirit of healthy competition among students, they have been divided into four houses namely.
1. Bhagat House
2. Gobind House
3. Raman House
4. Tagore House
Different Competitions and activities are held to explore their hidden talent.


The students council of IPS, consists of two main bodies-Student Government and House Captains. Student Government comprises of the Head Boy, Head Girl & the prefect Council. The other panel of House Captains, Vice Captains who assist their house incharges for various Co-curricular activities. The student members work under the able guidance of the head of the institution to meet the vision & mission of the school in the best possible manner.


When going gets tough, the tough gets going. ” The student have represented the school from District level to National leve tournaments. Abundant facilities for physical training of the students on Mass Scale provide them opportunities to displa their talent in various games. The school is proud to provide facilities for various out door & indoor games like-Cricket, Baske Ball, Football, Badminton, Judo, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Handbo etc. Trained Coaches in all the games give training to the students. The school has one of the best cricket grounds i Ludhiana. All high level matches are played over here.

Primary Section

To make learning and teaching more effective and interesting, activity oriented syllabus is followed. Quality education is being imparted alongwith co-curricular activities for the all round development of the child. Children are not only taught to study hard and achieve excellence but they are also guided for essential traditional values like non-violence, toleration and respect for elders, teachers & others.



In the Middle Stage, concepts related to the environment are integrated into Science and Social Science. This is to ensure that students engage with the basic ‘knowledge of the environment’ to enable a deeper understanding of ideas about the environment at the next Stage.



The Secondary Stage will comprise of four years of multi disciplinary study, building on the subject-oriented pedagogical and circular style of the Middle Stage, but with greater depth, greater critical thinking, greater attention to life aspirations, and greater flexibility and student choice of subjects.


The Balvatika programme is envisaged as a programme which is meant to prepare children with cognitive and linguistic Competencies that are prerequisites for learning to read, write and develop number sense through a play-based approach. NCERT has developed guidelines and processes for three years of preschool included in the Balvatika.


The Preparatory Stage under the National Education Policy will cover school education from class 3-5 with a focus on experiential learning. It will cover the age group of 8-11 years. The focus would shift to play, discovery and activity-based and interactive classroom learning.


Fun Park

“The magic is in the air. “Let’s take a spin


Safe and Secure transportation
facility for far away students.

Painting Room

Painting is a different world of emotions.

Guidance & Counselling

Emotional wellbeing is just as important to us as Breathing is!

Youth Development Movement (NCC)



Music Room

The school campus offers a learner-friendly environment with a fine blend of functionality and aesthetics like- Fun Park, Smart Class, Painting Room, Library, Dance Room, Youth Development Movement, Infirmary and Transportation for the holistic development and well being of the students.