School Staff

School Staff

Department of English
Mrs. Monica(Co-ordinator-XI), B.Ed.
Mrs. Preeti Bhatia(HOD) M.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Jyoti Vohra M.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Anchal B.Com, MBA
Mrs. Silky M.A (Eng.) B.Ed.
Mrs. Reema M.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Kitty, B.Ed.(Eng., Comm.)
Mrs. Deepika Walia M.A, (Eng.) B.Ed.
Mrs. Shilpa MBA, B.Ed.
Mrs. Richa M.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Kanika M.A, B.Ed.
Department of S.ST.
Mrs. Manju Sharma(Co-ordinator-X) M.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Dimple M.A, B.Ed.
Ms. Disha M.A, B.Ed
Ms. Rydham B.Com, B.Ed
Mrs. Deepika M.A, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Mrs. Sudesh M.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Karuna, B.Ed.
Mrs. Deepika M.A., M.Ed.
Department of Sci.
Mr. Jaskaran(Co-ordinator- XII) M.Sc.(Zoology), B.Ed.
Mrs. Kanchan Rana(Co-ordinator I- II) M.A, BSc., B.Ed.
Mrs. Priyanka Sood (HOD) M.Sc.(Chem), B.Ed.
Ms. Priyanka M.Sc, B.Ed.
Ms. Amrit Raj M.Sc.
Ms. Vibha M.Sc.(Chem), B.Ed.
Ms. Nidhi M.Sc.(Chem), B.Ed.
Ms. Jaspreet M.Sc.(Phy), B.Ed.
Ms. Speny M.Sc.(Math), B.Ed.
Ms. Parul B.Sc,(Non-Med), B.Ed.
Department of Computer/IT
Mrs. Renu Arora(HOD Computer) B.A., P.G.D.C.A
Ms. Deepika Bhatia M.Sc., IT.
Mrs. Doria B.C.A.
Ms. Neha B.Sc., M.Sc(Comp.Sci)
Ms. Sharu M.Tech.
Mrs. Yogita B.C.A, M.Sc(IT)
Ms. Amrita B.C.A, M.Sc(IT)
Ms. Mehak MBA, IT
Department of Maths
Mrs. Arvinder Kaur(Co-ordinator-IX) B.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Arun(Co-ordinator V - VI) M.Sc, B.Ed.
Mrs. Mandeep Kaur(HOD) M.Sc, B.Ed
Mrs. Poonam M.Sc, MBA
Ms. Shweta M.Sc, B.Ed.
Ms. Sunaina M.Sc, B.Ed.
Ms. Meenu M.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed.
Ms. Khushboo B.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Sapna M.Sc, B.Ed.
Mr. Sourab M.Sc, B.Ed.
Ms. Shina M.Sc, B.Ed.
Ms. Nidhi B.Sc, B.Ed.
Ms. Akansha M.Sc, B.Ed.
Department of Punjabi
Ms. Jagdeep(Co-ordinator-VII - VIII) M.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Narinder Kaur(HOD) M.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur(HOD) M.A., B.Ed
Mrs. Kusum B.A, B.Ed.
Ms. Veena B.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Krishna B.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Manu M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.
Mrs. Rupinder M.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Harpreet Kaur M.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. Paramjeet Kaur M.A., B.Ed.
Ms. Kanwalpreet M.A., B.Ed.
Department of Commerce
Mrs. Shweta(HOD-SST) M.Com, B.Ed.
Mrs. Mandeep Kaur M.Com, B.Ed.
Ms. Ruchika M.Com, B.Ed.
Ms. Saloni Pahwa M.Com, B.Ed.
Department of Art & Craft
Mrs. Sweezy M.A, Fine Arts
Mrs. Harpreet Kaur M.A, Fine Arts, N.T.T
Ms. Esha Sharma M.A, Fine Arts
Department of Sports
Mr. Aakash Gill(HOD-Phy. Education) B.P.Ed.
Mr. Mandeep C.P.Ed.
Mr. Ravi B.A., B.P.Ed.
Ms. Anu B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed.
Department of Hindi
Mrs. Ruchi Sharma(Chief Co-ordinator) M.A., B.Ed., N.T.T.
Mrs. Sonia(HOD-HIndi) M.A., B.Ed., N.T.T.
Ms. Poonam Baweja M.A, B.Ed
Mrs. Lucky M.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. Samita M.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. Neha M.A, B.Ed.
Ms. Reeta M.A., B.Ed.
Ms. Money M.A.(Hindi,Eco), B.Ed.
Mrs. Amritpal M.A., B.Ed, M.Ed.
Department of Librarian
Mrs. Meetu M.Lib., B.Ed.
Mr. Gurpreet Singh  
Department of Educomp.
Mrs. Renu B.A., P.G.D.C.A.
Department of Music & Dance
Mrs. Sheetal M.A, B.Ed.
Mother Teacher
Mrs. Sunia Singh(Co-ordinator-Pre-Primary) N.T.T. B.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Manju Shukla(Co-ordinator III - IV) B.A. P.T.T
Mrs. Reeni(HOD- Humanities Forum) B.A, N.T.T.
Mrs. Rachna M.A, N.T.T
Mrs. Charan preet M.Sc(IT)
Mrs. Anju Grover B.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Priya M.A, N.T.T.
Mrs. Jyoti Maria B.A, N.T.T.
Mrs. Aarti Bhatia B.A., N.T.T
Mrs. Ranju M.A, B.Ed., N.T.T.
Mrs. Preetika, N.T.T.
Mrs. Rashmi,P.G, Dip in stats, N.T.T., Computer
Mrs. Navpreet, B.Ed.
Mrs. Shushma M.C.A, M.A.(Eng), B.Ed.
Mrs. Rajni M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed. N.T.T.
Mrs. Poonam M.A, B.Ed.
Mrs. Vanita Gupta M.A.(Hindi,Pol.Sci), B.Ed.
Mrs. Ruchi B.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. Jyoti Mahajan B.A., B.Ed.
Mrs. Lipika M.Com, M.B.A., B.Ed.,M.Sc.(Interior Designing)
Mrs. Gursharan M.A., B.Ed.

The growing and glowing tree in the school logo symbolizes growth and sustenance of life.It also singifies the enlightenment of human intellect.The school aims at inculcating the eternal values in the heart of each student and providing the best atmosohere.

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